Our History

Byword for tradition and elegance, FIORETTI GIOIELLI is a timeless brand in italian jewellery background, remembered by grandparents and beloved by nephews.

The company was born in 1987 thanks to Marcello Fioretti’s passion inherited from his mother’s great grandfather which was a goldsmith craftsman since the end of the 19th century. Marcello Fioretti learned all tecniques and secrets from his grandfather Edmondo and his passion will bring him to create very high-impact and artistic pieces of jewellery.

Through the years, the relationship established with customers and the engagement of indulging their dreams and their whims along with goldsmith Marcello’s experience, mastery and creative wit, incredibile pieces of jewellery came to life, out-and-out scultures, such as nest-shaped rings or pond with frogs and tortoises, mysterious padlocks and rings reproducing famous artists’ paintings (Mondrian’s ring, 2004). In 2004, Marcello was awarded with Premio Regione Lazio “Arte e Lavoro” and received the “Gran Maestro Orafo” (“Great Goldsmith Master”) title, an italian quality brand.

In Singapore Marcello Fioretti attended various “Jewelfest” editions with “Oro di Roma” project and his collections were exhibited in international happenings such as New York and Bejing.